About us

Real Stock Value

Real Stock Value was created to help retail investors make more informed decisions.

Our goal is to help and educate retail investors, and promote value investing.

With more investors using value investing the market becomes more stable and severe recessions can be avoided. The economy grows at a sustainable pace and the overall progress is faster.

By understanding how markets work, and what is the role of investors in the market, everybody can flourish.

The only ones who lose in a calm market, are the stock brokers, who make money on transaction fees.

Márton Örs PhD

I love to understand how stuff works. It does not matter if it is physics, gadgets or the economy and the stock market. It excites me to find out how it works.

I started investing in 2005, by reading books and by following people who are actually successful at investing. How could I learn investing from somebody who's just stuck at a university job teaching economics, because he's not good enough to actually make money in the markets? I could not, and you can't either. Follow successful investors instead .

My favorite investors, and row models are Jim Rogers, and Milton Friedman. Both of them are honest, they say what they believe, and live they lives based on their values. They made more then enough money for themselves, and at the same time they did what excites them. They had a full life and left a huge legacy for the World.

The most useful advice that I read from Jim Rogers, is to invest only in what you know: “The way you become a successful investor is by investing only in what you yourself have a wealth of knowledge about. Everybody knows a lot about something. Cars, fashion, whatever it is. . . just take a look at your daily life. Concentrate on what you know. . . you will see a major change coming long before anybody on Wall Street will.”

I learned this advice the hard way. I made my biggest gains in renewable energy stocks and in the electric cars sector, and I lost money when tried to invest in fashion.

I have an engineering background, and I got my PhD in control system design.

My strongest skill is to understand how systems work and describe them in an easy to understand manner. For me the economy and the stock market, is just another system to understand. I create models that best describe the market, and predict the future based on those models.

This is the main reason why I see the stock market from a totally different angle than most economists.

I love to teach. I taught several years at the university, and even now my job includes teaching. Based on my student and customer testimonials, I'm able to explain complex concepts in simple terms. I love to see when a people grasp new ideas, and I can teach them something useful, to make their lives better.

I hope that I will be successful with you as well, to teach something useful about the economy and markets, and give you some useful tools to value stocks as well.